School Gates Encounters 

I’m sitting next to my old friends, like really old. We were inseparable back in the day, from kinder garden to the fourth grade. Such a pity. We’re so different now; they’re talking about Instagram celebrities and I’m reading a 50-year old book and watch 10 seasons long series. It’s a pity. They’re so beautiful now, always were I suppose but it’s like they’ve glowed up like everyone else. I’d love for them to know my thoughts at the moment. How I wish we could talk without me getting scared of even saying ‘Hi’ incase they reject me. I suppose it must be my fault, I’ve never tried to keep in touch. I’m so happy they’re still friends though, it’s such a blessing they have. 

I actually showed this to one of them and although it was quite awkward, I think it’s nice we chatted a bit. 


رسالة الي أبي.


وحشتني اوي يا حج عجة. ايوه، حج عجة. الأسم curtesy of سيف الي قارفني طول النهار والله. عامل ايه؟ مبسوط؟ يا رب تكون مبسوط عشان أنا بدعيلك كتير أوي. 

عارف لما تربط حد بأغنية؟ أهو أنت يا بوب أول واحد يحصلي معاه كده. فاكر لما كنا بناكل و الراديو شغال و جات ألف ليلة و ليلة؟ كانت اول أغنية للست أحبها، غالباً عشان كانت بتيجي في أعلان في رمضان ساعتها، و أنت عارف أنا كنت دايماً قدام التليفزيون! قعدنا نغني سوا كلنا، وأنتَ عارف الكلمات كلها و أنا يا دوب كام كلمة من الي سمعتهم في الأعلان، كنت مبسوط أوي عشان أنا و سيف كنا بنغنيها معاك بالحب كده. المهم، من ساعتها وكل متوحشني اوي بسمعها. يمكن عشان بحس أنك لسه قريب مني، أو يمكن عشان بنسي الواقع و برجع ليومها. مش عارفة ليه، المهم أني بسمعها و خلاص.

أكثر حاجة بتخليني فرحانة دلوقتي هي لما حد يجي يتكلم عنك يا بابا، بتبسط اوي اوي يعني حتي لو حاجة مش مهمة جدا يعني بس بتبسط. 

وحشتني عشان مفيش حد بينادي عليا ب’لومي’ زي زمان لما كنت تيجي من برة عشان أجي أحضنك او لما يجي فيلم/مسلسل أنت عارف أني بحبه. 

وحشتني عشان كنت اول حد يمسك أيدي و يحسسني أن كل حاجة كويسة و أنك طول ما أنت جنبي عمر ما حاجة وحشة ممكن تحصل. 

وحشتني عشان كان حضنك أكتر مكان بحس فيه بالأمان، عشان مهما حصل كنت بتشجعني، عشان دايماً كنت بتزعق لسيف لما يضايقني…

سيف، أنا عارفك أنك مبسوط منه، و أنا كمان والله. بقي أقرب حد ليا و بيحاول يعملي كل حاجة أنا و ماما عايزينها عشان يريحنا، زيك تمام. 

ماما، أكتر حد بيدعيلك، أظن أنك عارف بس اهو. ماما بتحاول متخليناش نحس بحاجة هي حاساها، لكن بنعرف. بنعرف لما بتقاعد تحكي عنك طول الوقت حكايات عشناها و سمعناها مليون مرة. بنعرف لما بن-group hug- و تبقي هي أكتر حد محتاجاه مش أحنا. بنعرف لما نروح نقولها قد ايه وحشتنا. سنتين كتير اوي.

معلش طولت عليك، المهم تكون كويس و مبسوط. أحنا تمام متخافش، أنت سايب وراك راجل و اتنين strong ‏independent women!




أسفة يا فلسطين.

أسفة يا فلسطين، ولكننا لا نستطيع أنقاذ انفسنا حتي نستطيع إنقادك.

أسفة لتركك وحيده، خائفة، سجينة بين الأسوار العالية. 

أسفة لما فعله من قبلنا، ما نفعله، وما سيفُعل بك من أبنائنا.

أسفة علي كل ضربة تتحمليها كل يوم ولكن تظلِ دائما صامده.

أسفة لأنتظارك كثيراً و كثيراً دون جدوي و بلا فائدة.

إسفة علي الحدود التي فرقتنا و مازالت تفرقنا.

أسفة علي رفح و سيناء، الي كنتي بتسنجدي بيهم.

أسفة يا فلسطين، فلم يعد بيدينا رغيف العيش لنتقاسمه.

و لم يعد بيدينا النيل ليسقينا. 

و لم يعد هناك مال لأشتراء الذخيرة.

و لم يعد هناك جنوداً ليغزوكي،ولا عرب لينقذوكي.

Some Might Say

‪Some might say we’ll end up together. Some might say we were meant to be, but some might say it’s all a lie and you’ve left me all alone to die. ‬‪

So honey, should I listen or should I cry? Should i fight or should I fly? Should I sleep and just move on?‬

‪Days pass and still you’re gone.‬

‪Am I naive for holding on? ‬

‪I catch your eye one last time,‬

‪I dunno why you can’t be mine.‬

‪Some might say we had it all, some might say it was worth the fall‬.

‪Yet I guess the word gets by, and the truth gets buried alive. ‬

‪I heard you made your own way (through the crowded highway), with all your dreams set aside and me cast away. ‬

‪Some might say you’re a shooting star. Some might say you’ve gone too far. Some might say you’ll settle down, but even then, you’ll never be around.‬

Note: I wrote this while watching Oasis’ documentary ‘Oasis:Supersonic’, where the song ‘Some Might  Say’ was mentioned. I was inspired by the title, however this has no relation to the song or the band. I’d advise you to checkout their song though, as well as its B-side ‘Talk Tonight’. 

These ‘Lyrics’ weren’t meant to be so, but I rhymed so why not? It’s a little cringey for some, but I really like it. I’d appreciate any comments!


Unappreciated and misunderstood,
Together, they stood.
Under hatred and oppression,they fought for their rights
Let down and distraught
Still they fought to be taught.
Women of the world,
Caught up with the war,
We fight, we live, we win
And we soar.
Women united,
We sing a song of silence.
On the road of glory,
We’re never divided.
Prove them wrong,
Show them your worth.
Against all odds, step on forth.

** I wrote this back on international women’s day.** 

Fell on Black Days.

“How would I know that this could be my fate?”

The exact words sung by the late Chris Cornell, who passed away last week due to apparent suicide. Everyone couldn’t comprehend how such thing could happen, even his own wife. Fans were struck with unbelievable grief over the grunge-rock legend, who was one of the major icons of the 1990s Seattle music scene. Along with Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Alice in Chains, Soundground is considered one of the leading bands of grunge. Chris, however, was not just a simple icon, he was also a soulful and breath-taking vocalists with a range of almost 4 Octaves. Countless celebrities and grieving fans have tweeted out their love for the front-man, including myself.

Despite not being a hardcore fan of his, I cannot deny his influence on my music taste and on others’ whom I admire. His emotional voice has given me a sense of belonging, a feeling that loneliness shall indeed pass.

‘Fell on Black Days’  was the first Soundground track I’d ever heard back when I was 14.

Struck by the raw emotions and sorrow in his voice, I was hooked. I always get a tad angsty at the section of the song where he keeps repeating “How would I know that this could be my fate?”

‘Cause there’s no chance of discovering what could happen to you and in his final hours, Chris probably didn’t too.
Chris could have been suffering from depression/mental illness without the knowledge of his wife or kids. Mental illness is not a joke. If you need help, please seek it by talking to someone or by contacting any suicide hotlines. Be safe. Listen to Chris’ music, he loves you.

Fell on Black Days Music Video
Black Hole Sun Music Video
Like a Stone Music Video


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I wish I could camouflage my love for you. I wish I knew how to hide. I wish I were strong enough to deny these feelings, they’re taking over me.
Hit me like a storm, will you? Just like you’ve always done ever since I’ve set eyes on you. I’d never shy away, I’d never run away. I’d face your strong winds with my love for you, just like I’ve always done.
I can’t camouflage my love, not really. You still take my breath away with every move you make. Everyone notices the quiet stares and the fleeting glimpses. Yet here I am, pondering about you while you’re oblivious to everything.
I can’t camouflage my love, but you’re still blinded by hers, honey. That’s why I wish I were able of hiding away; I could’ve fooled myself with the illusion of hope, a hope for your love.