Glass of Wine.

I was your perfect thing

Never even had a fling

16 with never-ending dreams

I’d never even smoked a cigarette then, 

But here I am wasting away, a pack of cigarettes a day.

You offered me some wine, 

I guess so we could pass the time. 

I’d never been drunk before

And It wasn’t cause of the wine.

I was the perfect thing, perfect daughter, perfect grades and perfect everything.

I took the glass, what could a harmless glass do to me? 

I drank, a little tipsy, you told me: “See, that wasn’t so bad, Brie!”

A couple of glasses, I was seeing you everywhere round the room. I got dizzy, the glass broke. 

Guess it’s not so harmless anymore.


Tom Petty, the heartbreaker. 

“Now I’m free, free fallin’.”

The first time I ever heard a Tom Petty song, it wasn’t even sung by Tom Petty! I was 12-13 ish, hunched over my laptop and pop culture obsessed, trying to see videos of Katy Perry’s new boyfriend: John Mayer. As soon as I found his YouTube channel, I started browsing and listening to all his famous hits. I was watching the ‘Slow dancing in a buring room’ video and a live version of Free Fallin’ was played short after.

At first, I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics. I was busy watching Mayer singing and strumming his guitar with so much passion ; he looked and sounded as though the song meant the world to him and I was intrigued.

 I searched up the lyrics but once I did, I discovered that John was covering the famous Tom Petty song. I spent that entire night watching his videos and a whole lot of his concerts online, I was so hooked by the simple but soul touching lyrics. 

Free fallin’ was that song I listened to when things got heavy and I needed reassurance. When my dad passed away, I started thinking of myself as that “good girl” who’s crazy about Elvis, and I thought of my Dad as the “bad boy” who’s got my heart broken. 

It’s actually quite amusing since apparently you wrote the song to make Jeff Lyne laugh, yet all it does is make me fuzzy inside. I’ve had it on replay since I read the news, I cried by the 56th time or so. It’s quite hard to laugh today. 

Now almost 4 years after I came across that cover, you’ve gone and broken my heart too, Tom. 

I can’t say I’ve been your biggest or greatest fan, ’cause I wasn’t. However, I can say that I’ll always be grateful that you wrote Free Fallin’ and I’m forever glad I got to hear you and witness your wonderful, brilliant talent. 

Love you forever.

“and the good girls are home with broken hearts..”

Here’s the link to the John Mayer cover:

And here’s the original Tom Petty Video:

Mission un-accomplished. 

About 100 years ago, the women of Egypt were denied one of the most basic civil rights. Yes, they were deprived of voting in political elections.
Around 61 years ago, the female population was finally given the opportunity to officially vote as well as participate in elections. A mere year later, Rawaya Attya became the very first female Arab delegate to enter a parliament in 1957. 
Today, Egyptian women represent a 14.9% of the 2015 Egyptian Parliament. Even though it might seem as an insignificant percentage, it is the highest one in the entirety of the Egyptian parliaments. 
Despite our slowly growing progress in politics, girls and young women in Upper Egypt are still in grave danger. Women have won several battles in the past century, yet still Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is practiced.
Decades have passed and traditions have changed, and yet the only common feature between today and the early 1900s is FGM. 
If you are still unfamiliar with the term FGM, it is, by definition, all the procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons (WHO). It is also sometimes referred to as female genital cutting or female circumcision. Such hideous act is usually preformed between the infant’s first few days of life and their puberty. Nevertheless, it is widely spread in Egypt with a shocking 87% (according to UNICEF) between the ages of 15-49. 
You may be asking why would anyone want to do such horrendous act to anyone, whether a toddler, a young girl or a woman. The unreasonable reasons you would be presented with most probably contain the word “honour” and how the society would perceive her if she did not undergo such surgery. What is infuriating as well, is that the second most common excuse they come up with is usually “We’re following the footsteps of our parents and grandparents.”
If you are wondering whether maybe, just maybe, this monstrous operation might have a bright side, it does not. Until this day, there is not a single identified positive outcome from this gruesome act. 
Strangely enough, I have come to realize that even though FGM is quite the danger to women, most youngsters aged 12-20 have no idea what it is or what danger it imposes on Women. 

The question typically asked at this point is “How do we put an end to this?”
The normal answer here would be; find the reasons why and then fight them. If ignorance and illiteracy are the prominent factors, alas, they should be the first to be eliminated. Proper and informative educational programs should be available everywhere and to everyone, regardless of gender, from Upper to Lower Egypt. Not only would women and young girls be taught their rights, male Egyptian youth would grow up rejecting the idea of such nonsense and fully aware of the consequences FGM bare on females subjected to it.
I daresay, I hope by the time I have children that FGM would have become a topic that is easily discussed and is viewed as a threat of the past.
Written by,

Salma Hamed 








Dear H.F.

Thank you! I practically owe it all to you and all the effort you’ve put out for us throughout the year. Honestly, It was such a pleasure to be taught by you. I do have to apologise though for all the hideous writings you’ve had to read, they were definitely not my finest work, hahaha. In my defense, some of them were written in cars, buses and some on your actual doorstep. A fair amount was done when I was so stressed out, worked up about the exams and trying to prove myself. I’m terribly sorry for ranting on, but I feel as though I need to say this. You’ve taught me something I should’ve learned earlier on. It’s that whenever you think your writing is good, you’re probably wrong and it’s just the ego talking. There were countless “masterpieces” that turned out to be such trash whenever I read it after your correction. Anyways, since I’m an aspiring writer/journalist, I’d like to thank you very much for all the grammar lessons you’ve taught us. It’s probably the best thing that’s happened to me since discovering the Beatles, and trust me, I’m their number 1 fan. 
Sorry again for ranting, it’s just now I can actually say this without being afraid of walking up to you in front of a 50+ class. I think one day I’ll be remembering all those lessons and smile 🙂

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Salma Tageldin. 

The fallen angel.

I thought you were an angel at first, one that needed protection and deserved the upmost perfection. That’s why I always made sure no one dared get close to you with harm, or even cross your path with ill thoughts. Afterwards, the only thing left with me was the notion of how I was not good enough for you, not remotely near your sky-high standards. So I set myself on a mission; a mission with the sole aim of pleasing you, of appealing to you. I started searching for ways to grab your attention for as long as possible, yet still my record stands at those damned 18 minutes. I figured it was my fault; I wasn’t trying hard enough or searching well enough. Months pass yet I’m still convinced I’ll be able to sway you more than the others, but I only ever manage to scrap the surface of your interest. It’s been almost a year, and you’re never there for me as I’m always there for you. I thought maybe if I distanced myself from you that maybe, just maybe, you’d realize how much I sacrificed and still endure for you. It’s quite naive honestly, how I hoped you’d somehow come to terms with that and magically appear on my doorstep. You didn’t though; you didn’t come knocking on my door, begging me to come back. No, you blamed good old me for loving you, for believing in you. You made it seem as though I was the villain, when all along I was a brainwashed, willing victim. 

I saw you again, just hours after deciding to leave you. My heart leaped a thousand beats a second when I saw you smile. I guess I can’t quit you after all.

Blue, White and Purple.

Blue. White. Purple. 

Blue. White. Purple.

Blue. White. Purple.

Blue. White. Purple. 

Blue. White. Purple. 

Blue. White. Purple. 

Blue. White. Purple. 

Blue. White. Purple.

Blue. White. Purple.

Blue. White. Purple. 

Blue. White. Purple.

I repeat the pattern until my fingers ache, until I almost no longer remember it. It’s the only thing keeping me sane. 

Stop‘, they say, ‘Stop or you’ll weary your brain’. 


“I have to carry on or else I’ll go insane”.

I repeat the pattern. 

Blue. White. Purple. 

Blue. White. Purple. 

Blue. White. Purple.

I repeat until it means nothing no more, till I wish I remembered why I was so unsure. My hands shake so bad I have to pause for just a minute and it all floods back as though it never left. I stare at my hands, willing them to stop but they don’t, they never do.

Blue. White. Purple.

Blue. White. Purple.

Blue. White. Purple.

I don’t care about my hands anymore. I have to get on with this, I gotta finish this, I must prove them wrong and I should be strong. I clutch the colors harder, I can’t let them slip away further. Not like everyone else.

Blue. White. Purple.

Blue. White. Purple. 

Blue. White. Purple.

I’m tired, so tired. I don’t wanna try anymore. I don’t care, I don’t care if I go insane tonight. I think I’ll just huddle by moonlight. 

School Gates Encounters 

I’m sitting next to my old friends, like really old. We were inseparable back in the day, from kinder garden to the fourth grade. Such a pity. We’re so different now; they’re talking about Instagram celebrities and I’m reading a 50-year old book and watch 10 seasons long series. It’s a pity. They’re so beautiful now, always were I suppose but it’s like they’ve glowed up like everyone else. I’d love for them to know my thoughts at the moment. How I wish we could talk without me getting scared of even saying ‘Hi’ incase they reject me. I suppose it must be my fault, I’ve never tried to keep in touch. I’m so happy they’re still friends though, it’s such a blessing they have. 

I actually showed this to one of them and although it was quite awkward, I think it’s nice we chatted a bit.