Tom Petty, the heartbreaker. 

“Now I’m free, free fallin’.”

The first time I ever heard a Tom Petty song, it wasn’t even sung by Tom Petty! I was 12-13 ish, hunched over my laptop and pop culture obsessed, trying to see videos of Katy Perry’s new boyfriend: John Mayer. As soon as I found his YouTube channel, I started browsing and listening to all his famous hits. I was watching the ‘Slow dancing in a buring room’ video and a live version of Free Fallin’ was played short after.

At first, I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics. I was busy watching Mayer singing and strumming his guitar with so much passion ; he looked and sounded as though the song meant the world to him and I was intrigued.

 I searched up the lyrics but once I did, I discovered that John was covering the famous Tom Petty song. I spent that entire night watching his videos and a whole lot of his concerts online, I was so hooked by the simple but soul touching lyrics. 

Free fallin’ was that song I listened to when things got heavy and I needed reassurance. When my dad passed away, I started thinking of myself as that “good girl” who’s crazy about Elvis, and I thought of my Dad as the “bad boy” who’s got my heart broken. 

It’s actually quite amusing since apparently you wrote the song to make Jeff Lyne laugh, yet all it does is make me fuzzy inside. I’ve had it on replay since I read the news, I cried by the 56th time or so. It’s quite hard to laugh today. 

Now almost 4 years after I came across that cover, you’ve gone and broken my heart too, Tom. 

I can’t say I’ve been your biggest or greatest fan, ’cause I wasn’t. However, I can say that I’ll always be grateful that you wrote Free Fallin’ and I’m forever glad I got to hear you and witness your wonderful, brilliant talent. 

Love you forever.

“and the good girls are home with broken hearts..”

Here’s the link to the John Mayer cover:

And here’s the original Tom Petty Video:


Some Might Say

‪Some might say we’ll end up together. Some might say we were meant to be, but some might say it’s all a lie and you’ve left me all alone to die. ‬‪

So honey, should I listen or should I cry? Should i fight or should I fly? Should I sleep and just move on?‬

‪Days pass and still you’re gone.‬

‪Am I naive for holding on? ‬

‪I catch your eye one last time,‬

‪I dunno why you can’t be mine.‬

‪Some might say we had it all, some might say it was worth the fall‬.

‪Yet I guess the word gets by, and the truth gets buried alive. ‬

‪I heard you made your own way (through the crowded highway), with all your dreams set aside and me cast away. ‬

‪Some might say you’re a shooting star. Some might say you’ve gone too far. Some might say you’ll settle down, but even then, you’ll never be around.‬

Note: I wrote this while watching Oasis’ documentary ‘Oasis:Supersonic’, where the song ‘Some Might  Say’ was mentioned. I was inspired by the title, however this has no relation to the song or the band. I’d advise you to checkout their song though, as well as its B-side ‘Talk Tonight’. 

These ‘Lyrics’ weren’t meant to be so, but I rhymed so why not? It’s a little cringey for some, but I really like it. I’d appreciate any comments!