Letter #2

Dear Bowie,

How do you tell someone you love that they’re always hurting you somehow, verbally or mentally? How do you tell them that, although you’re one of their favourite people on earth, they treat you like you’re not worth a penny? How? How do you tell them that they’re not your hero in this story anymore? How do you tell them that they’ve turned into your villain?

How do you explain to them the hundreds of times you’ve cried yourself to sleep because of them? How do you explain the countless nights you’ve spent worrying over them and never be given a decent explanation afterwards as to why they’re distancing themselves from you? How do you explain why you’ve started to take a step back too? How do you explain why’re not caring enough anymore? That you’re sick of this treatment, of being told you’ll never understand?

You don’t. You don’t tell, you don’t ask and you don’t explain. You just leave silently, a part of you after the other, until there’s nothing left of you.

All my love,



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