School Gates Encounters 

I’m sitting next to my old friends, like really old. We were inseparable back in the day, from kinder garden to the fourth grade. Such a pity. We’re so different now; they’re talking about Instagram celebrities and I’m reading a 50-year old book and watch 10 seasons long series. It’s a pity. They’re so beautiful now, always were I suppose but it’s like they’ve glowed up like everyone else. I’d love for them to know my thoughts at the moment. How I wish we could talk without me getting scared of even saying ‘Hi’ incase they reject me. I suppose it must be my fault, I’ve never tried to keep in touch. I’m so happy they’re still friends though, it’s such a blessing they have. 

I actually showed this to one of them and although it was quite awkward, I think it’s nice we chatted a bit. 


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