Some Might Say

‪Some might say we’ll end up together. Some might say we were meant to be, but some might say it’s all a lie and you’ve left me all alone to die. ‬‪

So honey, should I listen or should I cry? Should i fight or should I fly? Should I sleep and just move on?‬

‪Days pass and still you’re gone.‬

‪Am I naive for holding on? ‬

‪I catch your eye one last time,‬

‪I dunno why you can’t be mine.‬

‪Some might say we had it all, some might say it was worth the fall‬.

‪Yet I guess the word gets by, and the truth gets buried alive. ‬

‪I heard you made your own way (through the crowded highway), with all your dreams set aside and me cast away. ‬

‪Some might say you’re a shooting star. Some might say you’ve gone too far. Some might say you’ll settle down, but even then, you’ll never be around.‬

Note: I wrote this while watching Oasis’ documentary ‘Oasis:Supersonic’, where the song ‘Some Might  Say’ was mentioned. I was inspired by the title, however this has no relation to the song or the band. I’d advise you to checkout their song though, as well as its B-side ‘Talk Tonight’. 

These ‘Lyrics’ weren’t meant to be so, but I rhymed so why not? It’s a little cringey for some, but I really like it. I’d appreciate any comments!


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