Fell on Black Days.

“How would I know that this could be my fate?”

The exact words sung by the late Chris Cornell, who passed away last week due to apparent suicide. Everyone couldn’t comprehend how such thing could happen, even his own wife. Fans were struck with unbelievable grief over the grunge-rock legend, who was one of the major icons of the 1990s Seattle music scene. Along with Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Alice in Chains, Soundground is considered one of the leading bands of grunge. Chris, however, was not just a simple icon, he was also a soulful and breath-taking vocalists with a range of almost 4 Octaves. Countless celebrities and grieving fans have tweeted out their love for the front-man, including myself.

Despite not being a hardcore fan of his, I cannot deny his influence on my music taste and on others’ whom I admire. His emotional voice has given me a sense of belonging, a feeling that loneliness shall indeed pass.

‘Fell on Black Days’  was the first Soundground track I’d ever heard back when I was 14.

Struck by the raw emotions and sorrow in his voice, I was hooked. I always get a tad angsty at the section of the song where he keeps repeating “How would I know that this could be my fate?”

‘Cause there’s no chance of discovering what could happen to you and in his final hours, Chris probably didn’t too.
Chris could have been suffering from depression/mental illness without the knowledge of his wife or kids. Mental illness is not a joke. If you need help, please seek it by talking to someone or by contacting any suicide hotlines. Be safe. Listen to Chris’ music, he loves you.

Fell on Black Days Music Video
Black Hole Sun Music Video
Like a Stone Music Video


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